Thirsk – Dog Walk by Cod Beck

We drove up to Autogas 2000 near Thirsk to get the camper serviced and MOTed today. After dropping it off and a chat with the Autogas guys we headed into Thirsk so Bitchin Donna could go wander round town and perhaps do a little charity shopping and I would walk the dogs on the fields by the stream.

After a picnic in the sun in front of St Oswald’s Church Sowerby we all walked towards town. The dogs an I left Donna as we got to the end of the field and headed down to the Beck. The first thing I was as my eyes acclimatised to the shadows was a Heron. He reluctantly moved on but only after a minute of so of watching the dogs directly opposite him.

Thirsk Walk - Herron!

We had a nice walk along the Beck with a detour to avoid the cows standing on the path. The dogs loved it, looking for rabbits everywhere.

We found a new (to us) path that ran north towards the industrial estate and did a big loop around some pasture land and rough paddocks back to the foot bridge over the beck. Then we followed the beck east, with another detour around the hedgerows.

We eventually crossed the road to Pudding Pie Hill. We had picnicked here many times but somehow I had never noticed its name before.

Thirsk Walk

These two horses were so funny. First time we passed them the dark one was so busy eating the lush spring grass he didn’t notice the dogs and I approaching. We had been watching them for a minute or two then he jumped back as though startled by the dogs.

Then on the way back despite calling out to them we did the same to the light one. Bless them B)

Thirsk Walk - Funny Horses

We walked round the next field too, before turning at the road and heading back to meet Bitchin Donna back at the car. The dogs were exhausted after a long afternoon critter hunting.

8/10 on the critter scale.

More photos here

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