New Holland

Today BitchinDonna was attending a 1940’s event in New Holland. I still haven’t got her car repaired so obviously I had to volunteer to drive her and this gave the dogs and I a great opportunity to explore a little more of the Humber Estuary and it’s wildlife.

New Holland is now a quiet village having been the southern terminus of the ferry to Hull. With its pier now converted to bulk handling and a second tidal dock importing timber the start of the walk from the Station along the estuary to Barrow Haven has quite an industrial feel to it.

Once past the track alongside the big sheds we were in familiar Humber territory. With the estuary on one side a footpath along banking rolling down towards lakes, fields and marshes the other.

It was a little too cold and windy to stop for too long as we ate our lunch. The Humber Bridge to the west, Hull and its docks and shoreline to the north, and the jetty and the large bulk silos to the east framed the views.

The dogs were quite chilled on the way out but once we turned around at Barrow Haven to head back the way we went they both got stuck into looking for critters. Even dragging be through the marshy read bed a couple of times. Somehow I kept my feet dry!

So by the time we got back to the car they were more than happy to just snooze and wait for BitchinDonna to find us.

5/10 🐰 on the critter scale

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