Walk around Ripon River and Canal. April 4th 2013Walk around Ripon River and Canal. April 4th 2013Walk around Ripon River and Canal. April 4th 2013Walk around Ripon River and Canal. April 4th 2013

Walk around Ripon river and canal. April 5th 2013, a set on Flickr.

Popping into town today, we decide to take Bailey for walk by the river.
There he can go on training lead and have a good run.
Having had a couple of great days with him, Rob said, “Let’s let him off lead”. Why not I thought. Big mistake, the little tinker headed straight up the embankment (fence broken). We stood in horror, calling him and using the whistle to get him back. We have no doubt he’ll return, but it’s a busy road.

After a tense minute, Bailey returned and we continued walk, but he seemed to have acquired selective hearing!! He completely ignored almost every recall. He was in hunt mode and he was having fun. So we decided to get him back on lead ( when we could get his attention)

We took a walk around parts of river walk we hadn’t seen before. Some of it lovely, other bits not so good. People have dumped rubbish, old sofas and there’s dog mess everywhere.

Walking past the quarry we followed what was hopefully path back to canal.

We walked and walked and my poor toes hurt and hurt 😉

Finally we reached canal and the icy wind belted us across the face. It was freezing, but invigorating at same time.

Bailey sniffed and explored ( on his lead). He behaved really well around the Egyptian Geese and Ducks along the way. He was great, until I stopped to chat to the swan and MrRob neither encouraging or discouraging Bailey, allowed the little tinker to enter the water 😦 Fair play to him though, he came right back when called. Grinning as he tried to dry himself on MrRob’s legs 😦

What a Day !!!

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