Yep. This is ALL true. (Even for Bailey our GSP cross)

“You know you are ready for a GSP when…
…priority for new clothing is something brown and/or white, is wash and wear, not necessarily what is fashionable.
…car shopping involves sizing up how many dog crates can be put in a vehicle.
…you buy leather furniture or car seats not for the luxury, but rather because dog slobber/blood/etc wipes off easily.
…landscaping is done to minimize what is edible, likely to be marked or crushed.
…a “hearty” plant takes on new meaning.
…you realize having a GSP isn’t owning a pet. It is a way of life.
… you can laugh at yourself when you forget to put the garbage out of reach. Top of fridge does not always work.
…you know to move out of the way instead of expecting your dog to stop.
…you consider muddy paw prints a fashion accessory.
…you know not to take a quick trip to the park to swim, and expect your dog to come when called.
…you pray your dog obeys “drop it” when he comes bounding towards you with a skunk.
…you can laugh after your 16 in pizza was eaten only to find your dog in her timeout chair licking her lips looking guilty as ever.
…agility is your scheduled aerobics class with your GSP.
…family pictures are not taken anywhere that does not allow dogs.
…hunting with your k9 friend means more than catching anything.
…you roll a big chair up to the table, so that she can be comfortable, yet close, while you play cards with your friends.
“…you look at the head in your lap at the dinner table as an automatic crumb catcher or lap warmer rather than a nuisance.
…you will call off work when they are sick because the look in their eyes says “Please don’t leave me Mommy.”
…you love getting big sloppy kisses.”

Yep. This is ALL true. (Even for Bailey our GSP cross)

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