Boo's Day at the seaside (Scarborough) Wed May 23rd 2012Boo's Day at the seaside (Scarborough) Wed May 23rd 2012Boo's Day at the seaside (Scarborough) Wed May 23rd 2012Boo's Day at the seaside (Scarborough) Wed May 23rd 2012

Boo’s day at the beach (Scarborough) Wed 23rd May 2012, a set by Bitchin Donna on Flickr.

Via Bitchin Donna’s Flickr:
“With the summer finally reaching North Yorkshire, we decided to take Boo over to a beach where she could have a dip in the sea (If she so desired).

It’s a weekday, so the beaches won’t be too busy and we know there are dog friendly beaches in Scarborough, so that’s where we headed.

We didn’t take a ball down for Boo, because earlier she’d asked me to throw her ball in garden and had promptly wiped out. That front leg is causing problems again, despite the 2 lots of painkillers 😦

BUT problem was, the younger, fitter Boo was trying to come out and she wanted a swim. So I emptied out my breadstick pot and threw it gently towards the sea. She turned to retrieve it , but that blooming leg is her downfall. She wiped out again 😦 Trying a different way, she still wiped out,
So we decide to just take a gentle walk across the beach. Boo and Sabra walked through the sea, with the gentle waves lapping at their legs.

So I thought, I’ll pop up to the edge and join them, just at the time a bigger wave decided to throw itslef up and into my boots 😉 lol
Now these boots of mine are like wellies, they are great in puddles, but they didn’t stand a chance against that. I had to pour the sea water out ….. and then spent the rest of the walk squelching along the beach 😉

Then to top it off, as we decided it was the time to leave, Sabra and I got outwitted by the incoming tide. Walking and talking, deciding which was best way to go, we both disappeared down a hole lol

If my boots hadn’t already filled with water earlier, they most certainly were now

No worries, Sabra kindly loaned me her pair of fur lined boots that were sitting in van cupboard ( fur lined boots In this weather, I felt a right idiot, but eh, they were dry)

Boo’s home, fed, watered and happily asleep now.

It’s sad that her days of playing are over, but she’s happy and that’s cool. The sheer joy on her face when she was walking through the sea was priceless


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