LPG idle problems are sorted

Its a bit late but a couple of weeks ago I took the E51 back to Autogas 2000 as we were still getting “over fueling” warnings after a couple city centre drives …

They plugged in the laptop to the LPG ECU and we went for a drive … And a stop or two to simulate city driving … In felt very odd on the country lanes around Thirsk.

The computer showed that although the Left O2 sensor was working it was slow to respond …

It was explained that the car’s standard (petrol) ECU would ignore it & default to standard peramiters but the LPG system was taking it’s readings as correct.

So after a few tweaks to get the LPG system to act in a similar way it’s like we have a new car.

We had always thought the low rev power & trottel responce was slightly down when on LPG but the Remap is a revelation … It feels as good if not better than on petrol when pulling away now and mpg is 10% up too.

It makes me wonder if it’s worthwhile getting a bispoke remap on our v8 chevy camper too …

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