My #BT Home Hub WiFi login troubles …

To start with I never have any trouble connecting to the Apple AirPort or Netgear routers connected to the BT Home Hub 2 . My Broadband connection, though not fast at 3.4 Mbs is stable.

Home – Private WiFi

My iPhone (and other WiFi Devices) can see the Home Hub (ie its WiFi is broadcasting) and will at times connect just successfully once after a Home Hub reboot.

But as soon as they drop the connection they will try to reconnect automatically but cannot log in but remain connected to The Home Hub Private WiFi, and there for they do not log into either of the other WiFi working networks I have had to create to be able use my BT broadband.

I cannot just turn off the Home Hub WiFi because this would kill the “ping” to FON.

One solution is to connect to the AirPort or old Netgear routers I have …

and ensure that ALL devises “forget” the Home Hub.

Public WiFi

Now this solution is fine for the “Home Network” Private WiFi channel … but the Home Hub broadcasts two other “Public WiFi / Hot Spot” signals … BTFON and BTopenzone … Both of these appear “Open” to browsing WiFi devises … in fact they both force a HTML splash screen and require the input of username and password EVERY time a device drops it’s connection. For WiFi devises that stay at home I can “Forget” the BTFON and BTopenzone on them. But what of the Laptops and Phones that DO want to use BTFON and BTopenzone when NOT at Home? It appears there may be a partial workaround for this too … BUT it is device specific. On my iPhone all I have to do is remember to go into the WiFi settings for both BTFON and BTopenzone EVERY TIME I am at home and turn off “Auto Join” … of course I have to remember to turn BOTH back on if I am away from home and want to try and connect to either.

So why dose this setting show on my iPhone but not my daughter’s? She has been hanging up on all three Home Hub WiFi stations … there appears to be nothing I can do other than “Forget”-ing all the BT Networks … a side affect of this is that she can NEVER reconnect to a BTopenzone or BTFON network away from home either because the Splash Screen requesting login never appears even after you re-enable the BTopenzone or BTFON connection. I would note that the re- Login issue appears to persist across the BTFON and BTopenzone on my router too … but it is hard to test as Login is so long winded and unreliable all the times on all the BTopenzone or BTFON networks I have tried. BT have been keen to help but so far all suggestions seem to bare no relationship to my problems …

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