E51 Alloy Wheels – Up Grade Sizes

E51 OE alloys are 
16 x 6.5JJ  

PDC  5 x 114.3  

Offset 45
Tyres are 215/65r16
I thought it might me a good time to consider bigger alloys … 
I have trawled the www for info on what wheel and tyre combinations fit an E51 Elgrand. From this site and others I have found the following will fit without modifications … 

Hub diameter: 66.1 mm
PCD is 5 x 114.3 mm
Tyres 215/65 R16 98H
Wheels are 16×6.5JJ PDC 5 x 114.3 Offset +45

Tyres are 215/60 R17
Wheels are 17×6.5JJ PDC 5 x 114.3 Offset ??

Nismo Accessory
Tyres 235/50 R18
Wheels 18×7.5J PDC 5 x 114.3 Offset 40

Max Load Rating not less than 710kg or 96 and
Speed category not less than S (180 km/h)

I know (as I have seen the pictures) that E51 have been fitted with up to 21” wheels but as my Japanese isn’t very good I was not sure how big we can go without clearance issues and modifying the arches or the rear sliding door hanger …

I can now confirm I have fitted the following to my standard E51 …

Tyres 215/55 R18
Wheels 18x8J PDC 5 x 114.3

 Offset 38

No problems
Tyres 215/55 R18
Hyundai Spec
Wheels 18x8J PDC 5 x 114.3

Offset 47

Very tight in clearance on front upright/damper unit. NB this is with a 215 section front tyre 235 is unlikly to clear.

Tyres 235/50 R18
350Z 18” Touring Wheels v1
Wheels 18x8J PDC 5 x 114.3

Offset 30 

The front wheels do protrude slightly from the line the wing.
The rear sliding doors skim the tyres as they swing out and there is only about 1mm clearance as they slide open.



 John Hutton Has fitted

Tyres 255/45 R18
18” Team Dynamic (aftermarket)
Wheels 18x8J PDC 5 x 114.3

Offset 45 


MRR VP3 wheels from the USA.
19×8.5in, 5×114.3,
+40 Offset
Load Rated to 770kg
Centre Bore 73.1 (sleeve used)
running on 245/40/19 98Y Hankook tyres


Primera (5 stud), Qaquai, X-Trail and Murano standard wheels will fit right on hub. 
Qashqai has same tyre specs too (except for load rating) though standard Nissan alloys for it are all XXx6.5j.



X-T has 17×6.5 and 18×7 wheels.
Murano wheels are the closest match to Nismo wheels. Though tyres are too big/tall.


It seems the 17” 350z wheels fit. the 18” Touring v1s do too BUT no other OE wheels will …                        

Check here for more info http://www.alloywheels.com/fitmentguide.asp



Most other Japanese manufactures use smaller Hub centres so their OE wheels wont fit. (aftermarket wheels will most likely require spigot rings so should be ok)

Hyundai use 67.1mm Hub Centres on some models so those OE wheels will fit on the E51 hub.

So if you want to know if any wheel will fit the e51 without clearance issues go here … http://www.1010tires.com/wheeloffsetcalculator.asp




1) put 8.6 Inches and Offset 38 in the “Current Wheel Specs” field (the widest theoretical wheel that would fit) 38 IS the optimum offset for the widest wheels/tyres.
2) put the dimensions of your chosen wheel in the “New Wheel Specs” section.  

If your wheel exceeds the dimensions it probably will not fit. ie you want MORE Inner Clearance and the Outer Position to RETRACT.
NB This assumes 235 width tyres and that you want to fit the same width / offset wheels front and rear. If you are thinking of running wider rears just make sure they dont exceed the Outer Position so you can open the rear doors past them.
You will not get more than 8.5 wide fronts and keep the tyre tread within the arch and clear the front suspension upright. 


[updated 17/07/2015]

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